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EFT (Tapping)

“Had a few sessions with Matt and I’m very impressed. Tapping has helped with my fear of the dark. He is a caring professional who genuinely wants to help people and this comes across in the sessions. Would highly recommend.” K, 2022

What is ‘Tapping’ and how can it help me?

Tapping is a complimentary therapy, and can be booked as a one off session or included as part of weekly sessions. This energy therapy is a wonderful accompaniment to counselling sessions, for several reasons:

  • A safe, non-intrusive, self-administering, naturally energetic way of bringing balance to mind and body.
  • Tapping can help you if you are feeling immediate stress, worry or anxiety plus to alleviate emotional stuckness from past experience and physical pain.
  • Physical discomfort can be improved too.
  • The US Department of Health endorses EFT/TFT.
  • The mind / body connection has been proven, with extensive research showing that changes in our physical feelings and energy flow can in turn change our mental and emotional state.
  • These upper body tapping techniques can help after just one or two sessions, or may take longer depending on the issue.
  • The process can be used by you independently to therapy sessions, once the basics are understood.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This was developed by Gary Craig, and is an ‘all in one’ process that taps on meridian points for releasing stuck energy, clearing stuck behaviours, emotions and beliefs.

We will first explore what difficulty you are experiencing, and attune to that to rate the intensity between 0 - 10. A specific phrase/statement is then used along with the tapping points and as we move through the process, we rate the intensity of the belief, emotion or issue each time to monitor and track the improvements.

If you find it hard to talk about what is upsetting/unsettling you, then TFT (Thought Field Therapy) can help you to clear the feelings by focussing on just those. It is a way of connecting with what is happening inside our bodies, whilst not having to talk about it out loud. TFT was developed first before EFT, by Dr Callahan in the 1980’s after studying acupuncture and massage, and how tapping the meridian points (see below) could help with beliefs, thoughts and behaviour. This approach also uses combinations of specific meridian points for specific issues.

What are Meridian Pathways?

These are a complex system of energy pathways that run throughout our bodies, with the purpose of delivering essential energy (Qi, pronounced Chi) to each of our organs, and systems including nervous, immune, and muscular. Sometimes blockages of energy flow can occur, which result in unpleasant symptoms, and certain points along the meridians can be tapped to stimulate and free up the body’s natural energy flow.

There are various meridian energy points, however TFT and EFT focus on specific upper body meridian points; which I will show you during the session.

Please contact me to book in an initial free 15 minute phone consultation.


  • Online session - 60 mins | £65.00
  • In person session - 50 mins | £65.00

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You can also call me on 07548 592794 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first.

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In person sessions are held in Bournemouth and Poole, whilst online sessions are held on Zoom. I can advise you on my current availability when I receive your enquiry.


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